We're tired of racist attacks, America deserves better

This weekend yet another extremist committed a hate-crime. Three people perished as a result of his xenophobic violence.  The New York Times reported:

“…charges would be filed against Frazier Glenn Cross Jr., 73, of Aurora, Mo., who had spoken and written frequently over the years about his hatred for Jews, blacks, immigrants and others

… Mr. Cross made several unsuccessful runs for public office, including a bid for the Senate in 2010.

We’re devastated to once again lose innocent lives.  And we’re appalled that a virulent racist would have the confidence to run for office. We want to see more people, including immigrants, run for office with a message of integration, compassion, equality and above all, unity.

Americans deserve better than people like Mr. Cross.  We deserve representatives that exemplify the best of us.

It’s time to show our strength in numbers:

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