Ready To Lead Application

Thank you for your interest in the New American Leaders Project training programs. Through our programs we hope to identify and recruit new Americans -- first- or second-generation immigrants -- who are committed to building a track record of civic involvement and train them in the key skills needed to demonstrate leadership, on a local and national level.

When completing the application, please be sure to indicate which state training you're applying to. If the state in which you reside is not listed, you can complete an application and we will notify you when we schedule a training in your state.

If you have been invited to submit an application, please indicate who and/or what organization referred you in the appropriate section below.

We currently have a rolling admissions process. When you have submitted the application online and emailed the PDF of your resume, you will receive an email confirmation that we have recieved both documents. You will then receive final confirmation of your participation in the program approximately three weeks before the training date. You will not need to pay any registration fees until that time.


Once you have completed your application you will be immediately asked to email us a copy of your resume in PDF format to In order for us to review your application we must have your resume on file. If you have any issues please feel free to call us at call at (212) 444-9609


We added some new questions to this year's application and would ask that you re-fill out the entire form excluding the short essay questions and the reference section (unless they need to be updated or changed). Since both of these sections are required in order for the system to let you proceed, please put N/A in the text boxes so that your application can go through.